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Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan - the most beautiful countries of Central Asia! Our car rent company offers you to make a visit here. We are the most experienced, responsible and reliable companies, engaged in auto renting services in Central Asia. The car rent company we are representing  will give you our best cars for rent at a reasonable price, so just come here and enjoy the travelling. Your journey will start as soon as you land in the cities of Bishkek, Almaty or Dushanbe - the largest cities of this area. Then you will be able to take the cars for rent and go inland, wherever you want. With our car rent company you will be safe and sound even in the middle of nowhere!

Drive on your auto to the wonderful lake Sary-Chelek, situated between two main cities of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek and Osh. Other important cities, as Almaty and Dushanbe are also not too far from it. The lake possesses unspeakable beauty... The lake itself and the territories around it, including forests, valleys and rivers are included  into the reserved zone. It is a popular destination both for locals and for foreign travelers. The name of the lake means ‘Yellow Bucket'. According to one theory, it was named so because in the autumn, the yellow color of the forests find reflection in the lake and it starts resembling a huge yellow bucket. There are also other smaller lakes in this valley, but undoubtedly, Sary-Chelek is thhe most beautiful among them. The lake is situated on the altitude of 1873 meters above the sea level with the deepest point of 234 meters, what makes it the second deepest lake in Kyrgyzstan. Take our cars for rent and come here, because it is impossible to render its beauty through words, you should just come and see it by your own eyes. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are waiting for you! Trust our auto renting organization and you will find a paradise on Earth!

A large choice, car condition, interior design of our cars for rent won't leave you indifferent.

We can assure you that they know all the corners of Kyrgyzstan and you will be guaranteed with the best car rent services in Kyrgyzstan.

We will be glad to answer all your questions concerning the car rent in Bishkek.

If you are expecting important groups or delegations to Bishkek we can offer you VIP cars for rent with driver.

A large selection of cars for renting is provided not only in Bishkek but all over the country.

Take a drive out of city in your rental car to have good holidays.

The customers who are always in the content of our car rental services in Bishkek suggest renting a car and driving themselves through Kyrgyzstan.

Don't doubt and start the journey you always had in your mind with the best cars for rent.

Depending on your goal of your staying in Kyrgyzstan our experts in car rent will help you to choose the right car.

In our car rental fleet you can find adapted minibuses, which allow you to discover Kyrgyzstan in many different ways with all conveniences you need during your travel. 

You're going to visit our wonderful Kyrgyzstan and rent a car

Our car rent company in Bishkek can offer you a big selection of cars that will correspond to your travel plans in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country, here you will have a great opportunity to experience of camping, exploring of ancient cities, ruins and virgin nature and exactly for these aims our car rental company provides clients with such cars for rent as Toyota 4runner or Toyota Sequoia. 

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