Arslanbob forest of walnuts

Our team is greatly amazed with the opportunity to give the investigation of Kyrgyzstan to the guests from other countries! Today the excursion is going to be made along the territory of Kyrgyzstan leading to Arslanbob. It is the natural forest, famous for the tour based on the viewing of walnut trees. Right here you are able to get on the cars for rent, so that the travel tries will be made easier. The forest is known to be placed in the Jalal Abad region of the country. It is also famous for being based in 80km.

Along the tour in the forest, we get to see the area of 6,080 km2. It is identified as the natural forest, where walnuts as well as fruit trees grow. They are famous for being about 1000 years old, 30m high. At the same time as you get here on the car for rent, you find out of the gorges of rocks, the valleys being at the territory of the forest. By the way, each year about tons of walnuts are gathered here. Being here travel to Big and Small waterfalls (80 and 35 m high) and get amazed with the beauty of natural landscapes.