History of Kyrgyzstan

Many tourists are attracted by the ancient history of Kyrgyzstan, which tells about many ancient events that happened to the country. Therefore, guests have a great opportunity to rent a car, and explore many of the facts that we can tell you. The country preserves the ancient history of the people, which seems endless to us. You will not be able to fully get acquainted with the history of the country just by reading this article, but going on a tour, you will be told international information, guides, local life, or even nomads.

Tourists will be able to learn a lot of new things, and even see ancient writings, drawings, petroglyphs that tell us about the existence of ancient nomads. Nomads are people who moved to new places. They traveled from pasture to pasture with portable yurts, cattle, and all the staff. The history dates back about 2000 years, and is listed in written sources as 201 BC.

Rent a car and learn the ancient history of the Kyrgyz people, explore the art and culture, walk through the mountains and marvel at the cultural attractions. So we would like to tell you about a particularly important historical open-air Museum in Cholpon-Ata in Issyk Kul. This place dates back to the Bronze Age, and was the heart of the spiritual life of the ancient people. Walking along the paths you can see various scenes that are depicted on the walls, stones-petroglyphs, various animals, goats, bulls, deer, horses and snow leopard. Scenes of hunting, life, dancing, and worship are usually depicted.

The country's history dates back to 201 BC as indicated in Chinese records. And the history stretches from 1000 BC to 300 AD. "Historical notes" tell us about 5 nationalities that tried to seize power over the Huns. The history is also indicated in the historical notes of the historian Ban Gu, in his notes of Han Shu. Today, historians indicate that the territory of the ancient Kyrgyz was in East Turkestan.

1200-1400 years are marked by the Kyrgyz as the most tragic, since it was at this time that the Mongols invaded. They were able to capture the developed culture of the Turks after they came. Guests of the country can rent a car and go on tours in Kyrgyzstan. During which they will be able to learn that in 1207 Genghis Khan seized power over the Yenisei Kyrgyz. After this, the 12-15 centuries, due to the close relationship and influence of Persian, Arab and Turkic traders, pushed the nomads to convert to Islam.

Contact our company and we will provide you with excellent views of Kyrgyzstan, which when in the 15th century hosted people who moved from southern Siberia. And so in the 15th century and until the 19th century, local residents did not have statehood. The leaders of different tribes tried to create a single state and unite all the tribes with a single ruler. But the plan failed and tribes with a political system and some views on independence were revived.

From the beginning of the 18th century to the 20th century, the Kyrgyz tried and expressed a desire to become part of the Russian Empire. They wanted to inform the leaders of the Russian Empire about desire and sent their representatives. The Northern part of the country suffered from threats from different sides, and they wanted to Annex Russia. All threats came not only from outside but also from inside. The South did not want to join and so was joined by force. Therefore, the accession has led to a sedentary lifestyle from a nomadic. People became citizens and began to engage in agriculture.

Bolsheviks were intent on conquering the Russian Empire in the early 20th century in 1917. They wanted to eliminate the exploitation of the people, and declared the equality of people. This was the beginning of the birth of the Soviet Union. At the same time, they began to expand the political and cultural life of the country. The development of education has begun in the country. The Kyrgyz people changed their statehood to an Autonomous region rather than a Republic. At this time, the darkest thing was that it was forbidden to believe in God or any other religion. This led to the fact that innocent people were killed.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and people had many aspirations to improve their lives, but eventually led to unemployment, a decline in living standards, and a crisis in economic, political, and social life. As soon as the country gained independence, they gained their own flag and unique anthem and emblem. The country joined the UN in 1992, and created its own Constitution in 1993. And this has worsened the situation that led to conflicts and revolutions in 2005 and 2010. The people did not accept power. But today the situation has stabilized and it's easy to walk around, look for new horizons and enjoy tours.