Kyrgyz traditional drinks

Kyrgyz traditional drinks containing the most useful for human organism played a huge role in the life of the former nomadic Kyrgyz people. Because without the existence of these natural and healthy Kyrgyz traditional drinks, it would be difficult for the Kyrgyz people to quench their thirst or even hunger when they, being nomads, moved through the mountains, valleys and steppes. And today our team gives every tourist the opportunity to travel and taste famous and healthy Kyrgyz traditional drinks through the tour with rented cars service in Kyrgyzstan. In order to book the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service or find out the details, travelers will only need to contact our managers. And so in this article you can find a list of the most basic Kyrgyz traditional drinks:

Kymyz is an irreplaceable Kyrgyz drink that releases a certain amount of useful vitamins. This healthy Kyrgyz drink called kymyz is made from mare's milk (mares are milked for about 1.5 hours). Basically, this drink is drunk every day in the pastures, that is, travelers can go on the tour to these areas and taste the freshest kymyz that is usually served in leather jug. It is said that kymyz can be used for medicinal purposes and has even been proven.

Maksym and Jarma
Cereals such as talkan and wheat are the main ingredients of a natural drink called Maksym or Jarma. Many travelers want to see the process of making traditional Kyrgyz drinks, and therefore, during the tour, through rented cars, they go to the local residents and learn everything about the process. For example, Jarma is prepared in this way: first, the above cereals and flour are fried in fat, then water and salt are added and everything is boiled together. Then this mixture is left to cool for about 10 hours. And they drink a ready-made drink when they want to quench their thirst.

Tourists often compare this drink with yogurt. Airan is a traditional Kyrgyz drink made from cow's milk and containing beneficial bacteria. This traditional drink has such a professional preparation: the milk is heated and then cooled and fermented for about 8 hours. We also advise tourists to take airan if they wish to quench their thirst.

Ak Serke
Also a famous traditional, delicious and unusual drink of the Kyrgyz people. The locals make this drink from 1 liter of beef broth mixed with 200 grams of buttermilk and salt. Drinking Ak Serke can satisfy your hunger.

This traditional drink of the Kyrgyz people is quite difficult to prepare. It also contains many useful ingredients like millet, corn, wheat or rice. Bozo is of two types; it is considered an alcoholic drink: strong and less strong.

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