Money exchange

Here is going to be the investigation of the country as Kyrgyzstan, as each tour is organized on the highest level. We are professionals in the creation of the best trips to be taken for travel experience and we assure to give maximum details for you. So, you have decided to travel in Kyrgyzstan on the car for rent, and our mission is to give information of currency. It is known to be som and it can be exchanged in the banks, better in the center of the capital of the country. At the same time in many of the sites of the land, the national currency is taken only.

For the better acquaintance with the rates of currency, guests should understand of it being different in different banks in Bishkek. At the same time it can be seen to be able exchanged in the region or in the bazaars, but we recommend doing it in Bishkek due to better rates. As for the banks, guests can drive to them on rented cars, and they work till 5pm, but the offices in the center work for 24 hours. Be sure to have passport as without it money is not exchanged. By the way, cards are not so popular here, though in some of the places Visa and Master card credit cards used, cash is more famed here. This is going to be the tour covering the best sites of the land.

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