Peak Pobeda in Kyrgyzstan

Now we would like to talk about peak Pobeda for those who are going to travel with rented cars service in Kyrgyzstan. And so the famous peak Pobeda has a height of 7439 m, it borders on China and in the past was considered the highest point of the Soviet Union. Of course, you will hear a lot of information about the peak already during the tour with rent cars service.

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Travelers who have come to Kyrgyzstan for the tours with rented cars service are informed about the addition of sections bordering the peak. By the way, here on the tour in this area you can find out that the Zvezdochka glacier is located. Driving through these places with rent cars service, travelers will learn that from the Chinese part the peak is called as Tomur peak. The peak is especially famous for the fact that its name was mistakenly taken by the researcher P. Semenov. On the tour with rented cars service, the travelers explain that the mistake was that the researcher thought it was peak Khan Tengri. This explains why both peaks were called Khan Tengri at different times. Nevertheless, the current name as Peak Pobeda was given to this place in honor of the victory in the Second World War. On the tour, you will learn that there were several vaults made by alpinists, teams, some of which were neither successful nor unsuccessful. Unsuccessful attempts were more likely due to worsening weather. Our team invites tourists to travel with rent cars service in this unique country and discover beautiful views.