Our clients on a tour of Kyrgyzstan will be able to learn that rituals are an important factor for the study. We want to offer you excellent tours of Kyrgyzstan, see many incredible views, landscapes and also learn facts about rituals. And we are happy to invite you to explore the article about rituals before you start your exciting tours.

During our tours in Kyrgyzstan, our travelers will be able to explore the country's rituals, customs and traditions and also get to know the local residents. We recommend that you rent a car for tours. Rituals in Kyrgyzstan go back to ancient times and history goes back to the Turkic tribes. And since the Kyrgyz were nomads, their rituals were based on their lifestyle.

Since you will go on tours in Kyrgyzstan in a rented car, we will be happy to tell you that many rituals are associated with childbirth. The first event is suyunchu, this event is the utterance of joyful news, and then gifts are given to parents. After that, there is a korunduk ritual when money is given to parents and people come to see the child for the first time. The traditional ceremony is called beishik toi, when the birth of a child is celebrated. On this day, many guests come, juniper is burned in the house and delicious dishes are served. Another well-known ritual is tushuu kesuu, a joyful event when a child takes their first steps. Many guests come, among them friends, relatives, and on this day, a ritual is performed when the child's legs are tied with ropes and people run to untie them.

Another ritual is called a wedding, which you can explore during tours of Kyrgyzstan in a rented car with or without a driver. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that the wedding process and engagements are given great importance. And on this day, many people are invited, and people are experiencing great financial losses. Ala kachuu is another ritual that is known in Kyrgyzstan, but it is forbidden. In this ritual, the bride and even unknown persons are abducted. In the tour, you can find out that in this case, the bride cannot leave the groom's house. And then there's the engagement or nike. This is what they call the legalization of marriage according to Muslim traditions. The famous kyz uzatuu ritual is when the bride is in the center of attention and all her relatives and friends say goodbye to her. After all, the wedding takes place in a restaurant, with guests. These are the rituals you can explore on tours around Kyrgyzstan and enjoy a trip in a rented car.