Many people want to explore the beautiful territory of a new country on their tours. So our tourists will be able to rent a car and explore Kyrgyzstan. Everyone has a chance to learn about the territory of Kyrgyzstan in the tours that we organize. We want to say that it is important to know about the important details of the trip before you start your tour. We provide excellent tours right in the heart of Central Asia.

Our company has excellent options for cars that you can rent on your tours. And with the help of them, you can find out that the country's area is 198,500 km2. Kyrgyzstan is also one of the smallest States in Central Asia, and has borders with other countries like China to the East, Kazakhstan to the North, Uzbekistan to the West, and Tajikistan to the South.

The country is also divided into regions, which are only 7 in the country and have such names as Chuy, Naryn, Batken, Talas, Osh, Jalal Abad, and Issyk Kul. Rent a car from us and go on tours around Kyrgyzstan, where you can learn a lot of information about all the regions of the country, as well as see them with your own eyes with the help of guides and drivers.