Traditional clothes

Our team has decided to make a useful article about Kyrgyz traditional clothes, as this is a very interesting point of discussion for travelers. So, welcome to Kyrgyzstan, take Bishkek car rent service in our company and be ready for interesting time spending during the tour. Today most of the visitants have the opportunity to travel along the amazing state as Kyrgyzstan and get involved in customs, traditions, including the investigations of the traditional clothes.

Usually the travelers try to study everything in details about the area they are going to visit on tour and rent a car. Traditional clothes tend to reflect the main ideas and facts of the nation. Accordingly, the material of Kyrgyz traditional clothes reflects the spiritual life, and it was and still is unique for about 700 years. The Kyrgyz traditional clothes are rarely met in the modern life, probably during some of the holidays. The traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz people were styled according to the nomadic way of life that is they were designed for the life at heights among the winds.

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For travelers there is a way out to see and investigate Kyrgyz traditional clothes and this is Bishkek car rent with the help of that tourists can visit some of the museums, which make the exhibitions of the traditional clothes. Museums will give the idea about traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz for travelers. That means, by visiting the museums travelers see male pants "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar", shoes Chokoy and Charyk and hats tebetey, kalpak and malakai. Then you will understand that warm coat as "Ichik" wore both men and women. This coat was made from the fur of such animals as wolf, fox, and lynx. Kyrgyz women were wearing the skirt "beldemchi". Hats of the young Kyrgyz girls were usually decorated with feathers of birds, with various traditional ornaments, pearls and precious stones. Jacket "chyptama" was also worn by the girls in earlier periods in Kyrgyzstan.