Kyrgyz horse riding

Day 1: your earth plane at the airport "Manas". Pass in Bishkek. Agreement at the hotel. After a dinner to make a trip. Enjoy a delightful dinner at the hotel and a dream.
Day 2: we fly on the first day of our trip in Batken. Moving to Uzgurush., Where you remain in camp. It - the height of 1389 meters. A dream in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast you have free time than in the afternoon, you start round trekking, trekking along the river Mechi Ak (12 km), during your trip, you have a pleasant experience, and then in a heat of m. 2800, in Juniper forest, you will be. Many camps. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents.
Day 4: Trekking in a valley of a glacier trekking round Ak-Suu when you return to camp. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents.
Day 5: After a good breakfast you will be trekking round pass under Ak-Tyubek the height of 4390 m. (6-7 km). This round trekking in the ortho-Chashma valley (5 km) is you. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents in the forests at altitudes of 3000 meters.
Day 6: After a good breakfast you will be trekking across a mountain pass Kara-Suu (7 km). Than make a trekking trip in a river valley of Kara-Suu Kyi in a beautiful valley (5 km). Your camp has magnificent idea of Pyramid Peak (5509 m).
Day 7: Trekking along the Kara-Suu canyon, with prominent representations. A trekking camp. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents.
Day 8: After a good breakfast you will have a round trekking in a river valley Ak-Su. That after dinner you will be a trekking camp. Enjoy a delightful dinner in the tent and a dream.
Day 9: Walking Round River starts over Karavshin (7 m), then down the river. Where did you meet the car. Go to a camp site. Настраивание camp for local shepherds moving in altitude of 1 796 m. It would not be a great opportunity to get acquainted with the life of Kyrgyz people. Enjoy a delightful dinner.
Day 10: Last day of our trekking, we will pass on Ошу. Agreement at the hotel. After dinner you will make a trip to the sights of one of the oldest cities of Central Asia. In the center of OSHA, a sacred mountain Suleiman's, with its magnificent representations of Fergana valley.
Day 11: your guide will meet you at the hotel and accompany you to the airport "Manas".

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 01
Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 02

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 03

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 04

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 05

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 06

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 07

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 08

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 09

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 10

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 11

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 12

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 13

Kyrgyz horse riding: Trek 14


The Bajtiksky valley, is located on southern suburb of Bishkek behind counters. The valley carries name Bajtyka Kanaeva, manapa the Kirghiz tribe solto.
 The part of slopes is set by a pistachio, and another is in a natural condition. Here the mountain Boz-Peldek (1395) from which top the panorama on the city of Bishkek opens is located. Jugo-to the east in natural boundary Besh-Kjungej there are state botanical zakaznik Chon-Aryk in which such plants as a saffron alatavsky, an iris Kolpakovsky are subject to protection, junona Kumakevicha, some kinds of tulips and others.
Bakaj-Ata (Leninpol), - village. Talassky area. In vicinities there is a set of the mausoleums 18-19 century of century Also archeologists have found out the rests of the ancient city of Sul, VI-XII century of century

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