Kyrgyz trekking

Day 1: your earth plane at the airport "Manas". Pass in Bishkek. Around the city. Enjoy a delightful dinner at the hotel and a dream.
Day 2: On the first day of our trekking we will pass in Kyzyl-Suu (110 km). In a historic visit - architectural difficult "Burana Tower". Then, in a valley trekking round. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents.
Day 3: Trekking in the Valley Dzharsu Kok Kok-flask (2110M). In a way we have to cross some small streams to ford. Join camp Настраивание Dzharsu Kamorchek Kok and height of 1754 m.
Day 4: This day will be devoted to research and trekking in the beautiful canyons: Canyon "Big" canyon canyon a "bean" skyscraper "." Scenic beauty of the canyons Kamorchek in his splendid voice rocks in the east part of Kyrgyz side also, filling vast territory. Long cracks, canyons show charming stories last geological epoch.
Trekking in the camp.
Day 5: After a good breakfast you will have a round trekking along the river south of Karakol gorge. A trekking wet (humid) gradually gets valley height. A dinner. A trekking along a good trail to East Lake Irdyk. Lake camp in the Alpine area. In the evening we invite you to a dinner prepared by our professional chef. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents.
Day 6: a short trekking trip along a lake in the western part of Irdyk. A dinner on the shore. A free time to investigate the surrounding area. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in tents.
Day 7: After a good breakfast you will be trekking down the valley round Irdyk. A dinner. Meet the car. Movement Caracole impressive mountain road. Upon arrival at the hotel are small registered. Enjoy a delightful dinner at the hotel and a small dream.
Day 8: Trekking in Pervomajskij pass (4200 m) with devocalization panoramic representation of rocks and grasping spirit and the highest peaks of a mountain ridge in a valley high Rocky Kyrgyz Ashu. A dinner in the Valley. A trekking down the high Rocky Valley Rocky Ashu ball turquoise lakes Ashu. Lakes to get this water from the mountain river which is hidden beneath a moraine and change color depending on the weather from blue to dark green and turquoise. Enjoy a delightful dinner on the lake.
Day 9: After a good breakfast you will be trekking round down a valley at the head of the valley Ashu Alamedin Rocky. A dinner in the camp of "plug". Go Round Valley Round down Djindy Suu camping. Enjoy a round of fire delightful dinner. A dream in tents.
Day 10: Trekking down a valley along the river Alamedin Alamedin, rushing in a way, we see small falls. A dinner in the area. A tourist complex Alamedin trekking. Meet with a vehicle and go to Bishkek. Agreement on the board or small hotel. Enjoy a delightful dinner at the cafe with a command of trekking.
Day 11: Trekking in fixing Sagysh Khan (2925 m), revised upward revision from the mouth. Water fills the cracks during frequent thunder-storms in summer, trends surrounding hills have turned into a maze of sharp mountain ridges, low mountains, pro aligned, pyramids, and columns. If you observe from afar, recalls the landscape of the area distribution wider ruins of ancient cities closer. A trekking camp. Enjoy a delightful dinner.
Day 12: After a good breakfast you will have a round in a valley trekking in Sulu last-Терек Boom (2320 m). There will be a car. Pass in Bishkek. Enjoy a delightful dinner at the hotel and a dream.
Day 13: Last day of our trekking we will have a round in Крыле-Arch. Walking Round. Return to Bishkek.
Day 14: your guide will meet you at the hotel and accompany you to the airport "Manas".

Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 01
Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 02
Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 03
Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 04
Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 05
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Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 07
Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 08
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Kyrgyz trekking: Trek 10
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Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 1

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking tour

Time of the tour: 13 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Tamga  -  Barskoon gorge - Barskoon Pass - Jashil Kol Lake - Arabel Suu valley - Chokolu Lake - Zauka Pass - Dzhukuu gorge - Ashu Kashka Suu gorge - Ashu Tor Pass - Jukuchak gorge - Orto-Bulak Pas - Kichi Kyzyl Suu gorge - Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge - Jili Suu - Ak Sai Pass - Jeti Oguz gorge - Karakol town - Cholpon Ata

Untouched nature of sunny land of Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you to explore it on your own. This tour includes the most renowned highlights of Kyrgyzstan that drag so many people. You will see our celestial mountains, alpine lakes and ancient architecture and experience areal nomadic life. Within this trip you are ensured only positive emotions, high spirits and a hundreds of beautiful pictures! Read the tour... 

Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 2

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking tour

Time of the tour: 7 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Chong Kyzyl Suu - Gorge Jukuchak - Pass Jukka - Chokoli Lakes - Syrthe Ak-Shirak - gorge Barskaun - Bishkek

If you dream about roaming along the beautiful land of mountains and stunning gorges with speedy rivers - then Kyrgyzstan is the perfect place to spend your vacations. This trek is organized in such a way that you will just forget all the noise and worry of the city life and get your mind free for philosophic speculations among its untouched nature. Read the tour...


Kyrgyzstan horse riding: Tour 01

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Horse riding

Duration: 8 days 

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - gorge Kitchi Kyzyl Suu - Lake Kashka-Suu - river Kumtor - Arabel Suu - Chokoli Lakes - Bishkek

The horse plays a huge role in traditional Kyrgyz culture. It is a sign of wealth of the family and power of the man. We invite you to a horseback riding tour to enjoy beauty and endurance of that amazing animal. And also we offer you to visit our largest mountain lake Issyk Kul and you will have a chance to ride a horse in the heart of the Celestial mountains.
Read the tour…


Kyrgyzstan horse riding: Tour 02

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Horse riding

Duration: 9 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol - Chong Kyzyl Suu - Ashu Tor - Kishi Kyzyl Suu village - Jumakuchak - Kok Terek - Bishkek 

In any time Kyrgyz people used to say "Horse is man's wings" In spite of time passing, horses still plays a vital role in the life of nomads. There is no chanse to survive without a horse in this  mountainous country. In this tour you will follow the ancient nomads along the Great Silk Road. At the same time you will explore traditions, the national drinks and food which still cooked by the old recipes. Read the tour…



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If you have a horse riding tour to Kyrgyzstan, you'll not only sleep in tents and yurts in Kyrgyzskoy (housing). And living among nomads of Kyrgyzstan makes so attractive to travelers. These travelers usually have a horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan, and then they come back with my friends. You can have a riding tour on your own or with friends. Also, if you travel alone you can set the travel company to add you to another group riding. In this case, the price will be lower, riding round and you will have someone with you. Come on to know about Bike tour, Rafting, Kyrgyzstan horse riding, Kyrgyzstan biking, Kyrgyzstan trekking, City tours, Heliski tours , Rafting tours, Weekend tours, Contact us. Riding in Kyrgyzstan is becoming more and more popular. More and more travelers want to horseback riding tours, and they are always happy to do it. We want to enjoy riding in Kyrgyzstan, which is why we offer the best tours. How to actually riding tours in Kyrgyzstan, also known by the price. All these files are about Uzbekistan and travel, Uzbekistan and tour, Trip Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan trip and travel, Trip and tour Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan travel and tour, Uzbekistan tour and trip, Travel agency Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan historical tours, Travel company Uzbekistan. It is not very wide, so riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. All riding tours include transport and driver in Kyrgyzstan. You need only 40 minutes drive from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, to start riding tour. The nearest place for it Kyrgyz Range. There are many gorges, which are good for riding. And it's great fun to ride a horse in a place where there are no people, but wildlife.

 It is married. The wife - Tatyana Vasilevna (1949), headed regional branch of welfare fund of M.Akaevoj "Meerim". Two sons. Marat - the lieutenant colonel, the chief of department SNB KR. Maxim - has ended Slavic university, the businessman.
Marat Salievich - the director of Judicial department of the Ministry of Justice, the deputy of Legislative Assembly Zhogorku Kenesha-before. Committee of inter-parliamentary communications (to 2005), by summer of 2005 it is recommended on dozhnost the ambassador of Kirghizia in Germany.
 ZHusup Salievich - the president of Republican fund at ME and CHS, in March-April 2005 - 1st deputy the governor of Dzhalalabadsky area.
 ZHanysh Salievich - the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the chief of Central administrative board of internal affairs on transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia (till April, 30th 2004).
 Kanybek Salievich - the elective head ajyl okmotu "Yrys" in Suzaksky area.
 Ahmat Salievich - the economy in Dzhalalabade.
 Adyl Salievich - the civil engineer, was chief PMK, the businessman, with 2005 - torgpred KR in China.

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