Kyrgyzstan court

There Kyrgyz "supreme commander" was made Elder (sylifa) Shibokyuy Achzhan, personally came to the Chinese court. Kyrgyz relations with China lasted until 758, when their country was conquered by the Uighurs. There were two embassies in the period of 650-683 years., One between 705-711 and 713-755 in the period of four years. Nevertheless, the Chinese do not say anything about what took part in the events of the end of the Kyrgyz VII and VIII in the beginning. About this we find the only open in Mongolia Turkish inscriptions of this period. 

The main content of the inscriptions - the events associated with the release after 680 Turks from the eastern Chinese rule and the restoration of the Eastern Turkish Shad. One of these Hagan, whom the Chinese call Mochzho (who reigned from 692 or 693 and died in 716), succeeded for a short time to extend his power far to the west, even as he and his brother and predecessor, reducing Shad (the Chinese call it Gudula), had to fight not only with the Chinese, but also with the leaders of the Turkish Hagan and sometimes come against the new alliance Hagan, both among themselves and with China.