Kyrgyzstan mountains

According to another inscription, a battle took place in the mountains of Song (or Sung) Kirghiz Turks killed by Hagan and won their state. Like other Mochzho gain, this gain was soon lost, in 731, at the funeral of Tsarevich Cul tegin, Ilteres, son and brother of the reigning Hagan while Bilge Kagan (in Chinese Mogilyan), was, among other things, the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Hagan Tardush-Ynanchu-chur (mind you - frequent Turkish title). 

To understand the story of the march of Turkish troops on the Kirghiz, it is necessary, of course, a thorough familiarity with the ways through the Sayan Mountains. Shortly before World War I was started to hold the wheel of the road from the village of Elim, where navigation ended with up the Yenisei, in the village of Usinsk, apparently, this road was to join the path, which took place in 1870, GN Potanin: through the passage Khatyn-arch, which was considered the state border and passed September 18 with a strong snowstorm in the share. Well Izhimey river and thence into the valley Moustache, the right tributary of the Yenisei. The village of Elim is located below the mouth of the Moustache, between it and the mouth of the Moustache - the most dangerous place for navigation. Potanin, describes the three roads from the villages to Usinsk Minusinsk, "which runs along the steep mountains Sayan Range," "where the movement is produced exclusively by horses with light packs, and then only during the three summer months."