Kyrgyzstan power

A few years after the death of his successor, Inan was killed in the fight against Uighurs. Uighur leader Tumidu nominally flout China, but in their possessions continued to call Kagan herself, was killed in 648 by his nephew UGE. UGE and his successors did not have such a value, and Kyrgyz are now able to operate independently. In 648, the year of death Tumidu, 3 years after the death of Inan, and during the decline of Western power, the Turkish Kagan doula, was sent first Kyrgyz embassy in China. China has achieved at this time is highly power, nominally subordinate to all the lands that were previously part of the Turkish Empire, as the eastern (back to 630 AD) and the western (after 658) branches. The scope of the Chinese Empire and the country formally became the Kirghiz, and was officially restored to its former Chinese name Gyangun. The actual rulers of the steppes were all former khans and lords, but now they are considered by Chinese governors, received the Chinese ranks and were subordinated to the Chinese governor, who lived in the city Yanzhan (in Shanxi Province, near the present city Datunfu, and is now considered to be "one of the important strategic points in North China ").