Kyrgyzstan traditions

Among the enemies Gudula Cathedral, whose inscriptions are called Ilteres (read Thomsen - Elterish) Hagan, and referred to the Kirghiz, but the war with the Kyrgyz, and in general with the Western nations had not yet had a value. When Ilterese or Mochzho (last one of the inscriptions give the title Kapagan Kagan), agreement was reached under which the Kyrgyz leader of Bars Bey was named for him, and Hagan was issued Ilteresa daughter. The inscription, made on behalf of the chief adviser Ilteresa and his successors, Tonyukuk, speaks only of the anti-Ilteres Hagan with a coalition of north, east and south (the Chinese) was considered the main enemy of the emperor of the north, who headed the other side of the Oghuz, Hagan-Baz, then as in the reign of Mochzho attached more importance to the fight against the Kyrgyz and the Leopard-running. According to Turkish tradition, the tombs of the khans and the heroes were set image - zheniya killed their enemies at the grave of Ilteres Kagan in the first place was supplied image Baz Kagan, near the grave Mochzho or Kapagan Kagan - Kagan Kyrgyz image.