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The inscription says Tonyukuk on the composition of the Eastern Turks against the coalition of three "Hagan": Chinese, Western Turkey (at the head of the Western Turks at that time was kind of Turgis), and Kyrgyz, and thus, this time in the coalition except the Chinese, participated only people west. Tonyukuk decided to make an attack on the Kirghiz. It seems that this war took place in winter (710/11, the inscription only says a few words about the battle and victory over the Kirghiz; more detail about the difficulties of crossing the mountains KEGME, ie through the Sayan Mountains. Through these mountains was only one way, while an indoor snow, from one person to the people of the basics (it see below) Tonyukuk learned that there is a narrow road, where a horse had to go after the other, along the river Ana. Tonyukuk decided to go this way; troops gathered for the Ak-terrain Termel where foot paved their way through the snow. People were at first on horseback, then up the river on foot, dragging the horses behind him and holding on to the trees (or, more likely, a wooden stick). vanguard treads the road in the snow behind him went an army, so was passed Ybar Pass (?) after ten days of the same work and on the same deep snow slope occurred, the conductor was declared a fraud and was killed. When he reached the river Ana the army of the village on horses and quickly departed the country Kirghiz, he managed to catch the enemy by surprise.

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