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Dear travelers, travel countries, such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan? They share the border, and is located in the main region of the asian continent - Central Asia. Despite the fact that Central Asia is not advertised and known like the other popular destination of the trip, this region is really worth a visit. This is the land of picturesque mountains, valleys of flowers, meadows sparkling waterfalls, emerald green meadows and steppes, deserts and mysterious forests to the patient, where the heart and the soul can relax and you can enjoy the silence and tranquility of the local nature. The car rental companies offer organized tours of all three countries in the region. We guarantee you that you will never be disappointed in the quality of car rental and other services. Everything we do - we do it to suit your needs and the perfect holiday for You. The car rental company is one of the oldest in this area, we know how to please our customers and all the partners we always leave very positive feedback on our work and hire a car there is available. The car rental company a very good reputation, and we will do our best in order to provide You the most pleasant memories of the central asian travel!

Elkezheti car and cities like Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. Bishkek and Dushanbe, the capitals and large countries of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and the city of Almaty, the largest city and the former capital of Kazakhstan. Come here, and the heart and the soul will be completely passionate about a certain charm to the local landscape, amazing mountains, beautiful valleys, picturesque valleys, flowery meadows, emerald wilderness, sparkling waterfalls, spectacular lakes and rivers, mysterious forests, vast deserts and many more natural . Take cars for rent, and forget all the problems. Here you stay in a daze. At the end of the trip, then returned to Biskek, Almaty, Dushanbe and let a rental car here. Choose our car rental company and enjoy life!

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