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Kyrgyzstan, Trips and tours Kyrgyzstan

Baetova. Center Ak-Talaa district, 120 km from Naryn, Baetova lies on the road between Lake Son-Kul and Tash-Rabat. The road is very bad.
Baytik Kanayev (1820-1886 gg.) - A hereditary kind manap Salt, Chui Valley. One of the leaders of the struggle against the oppression of the Kokand khanate. It is for the courage and strength from the people got the nickname "batyr." In early 1860 came under the patronage of Russian. By 1862 he became the recognized head of the tribal union of Salt. Baytik batyr was known as the implacable enemy of Kokand domination and one in Russia, revolted and killed the governor of Kokand in Bishkek Rahmatullo. With 200 dzhigits participated in the capture of Russian troops Merka, Aulie-Ata, Chymkenta and several others. Kokand fortress. His services were highly appreciated by the royal authority. He was given the rank of captain of the Russian army, was awarded the Order of Stanislav third degree, the Gold Medal at the Ann's tape, and the ring of honor bestowed caftan.

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